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Oooh ExcitingOf the existing references, display of Warning – Oooh, Exciting! It’s time to upgrade your Thesis, the which means there’s new Awesomeness in your immediate future. Click the button below to fast-track your way to the Awesomeness!. So , Upgrade Thesis’ – Green Button is because we use a Plugin like WP Chace Total Cache and WP Super Cache or the other. Either of the script code in a plugin which was causing the problem error /crash. Sadly, my knowledge of Thesis Theme core there is no support for it. It’s possible the latest version of the Thesis Theme is also not ready for it. Here’s a little story of my experience of how to solve this problem.

Beginning of the problem

Initially, some time ago I got confused with the Thesis Theme my condition, especially when I want to change the look of the design a little, every time out in the edit and then saved, warning come out  ‘Oooh, Exciting! …’. Even worse just going to the Menu Site Thesis Option only, also appear warning like that. Also apply to options or menu Design Option, Custom File Editor. Header Image, Favicon Uploader, Manage Option no problem when done editing. But it often appears a few lines of syntax error on the dashboard menu (below the toolbar) when click on ‘Big Ass Save Button’. Although these conditions look good blog design Home, Pages, Posts and there is no problem, but all this is very annoying, because it can no longer to set up the blog design.

Thesis Error

Solutions and Fix

Previously I’ve been trying to cope with the ways: Disable and remove the W3 Total Cache plugin and clean up the database tables are left with the Garbage Collector Plugin, also use WP Optimize for managing and optimization of database, Restore All Default Options to Reinstall Thesis Theme (but were afraid, because they have to rearrange the design blog) >> Some time ago I also do not keep all the options in Thesis > Manage Options > Download All Options. And all the way … does not provide any solution to my blog.

But do not worry, here are tip – how to on the easy, fast and definitely managed to overcome the error is based on my experience during the repair :

Sign In WordPress Dashboard > Appereance > Themes > select Kubrick Default WordPress Theme by Michael Heilemann by 1.6 or 1.3 Eleven Twenty WordPress Theme by the team > click Activate to see the changes that occur in your blog. If there is no any error (certainly, view of your blog design changes) please go to the dashboard again, the same way again > Activate the Thesis Theme. See and try all the options on the Thesis Theme is normal again and ready to be edited without the worry the note ‘ Oooh, Exciting!’ or ‘Upgrade Thesis’!! …And well, now you can install again Plugin like WP Chace Total Cache and WP Super Cache,  without fear of the message or notification of such. If it happens, just do it like my tip as above.

Theme Default
For additional information, I use the Thesis WordPress Theme Engine version 1.8 and 3.3.2. If you use the Thesis WordPress Theme and different versions and different experiences in dealing with this problem, please share via the comments here.

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adunai May 17, 2012 at 2:18 PM

Good Job fren…keep great.


Aditya Shirodkar January 17, 2014 at 5:23 PM

Thanks… this helped :) I was searching for a fix and this work 😉


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