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     Main Features
  • No html coding is required and you do not need any web experience.
  • Drag and drop the objects. True WYSIWYG layout & design.
  • You can create websites with multiple pages and easily manage your site at once.
  • Create an unlimited number of websites (No Restrictions).
  • Pre-designed website templates included.
  • The ability to import and edit an existing html page in a WYSIWYG manner.
  • You can use CSS style sheet to control how the text appears on your site.
  • Hundreds of functions: thumbnail, mouse-over effects, ready-to-use Java Script effects, text link style sheet, tables, forms, iFrames and much more... 
  • You can publish all your pages on your site at one time with the built-in publisher function.

      What new features would you like to see in a future release?

Sudah saatnya anda memiliki web site sendiri!


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Berita Baru

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